The Renovation

Terrace, Roof, Floors, Windows, Electrics, Plumbing, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Solar Panels and a new Artisits Studio


The Terrace (part 1)

In order to repair the roof we first needed to establish a firm base for a crane and the best way to do this was to rebuild the terrace. The idea was to increase the width of the terrace by 2.5 metres in front of the house by building a 24 metre long by 2.5 metre high retaining wall in order to provide an area for alfresco painting and eating. We also needed to make sure that the Maple tree was unharmed during and after the construction of the wall.

What we did get was a terrace increased in width by 3.5 metres by building a wall 3.5 metres high and 34 metres long and almost terrebled in price!
The next stage of the project is our first bathroom and septic tank combination which we hope to start and finish during the Easter holidays! It may need to be cold water to start with though!

On our return to Podere Fariolo at Easter 2007 a mini project started with a vengeance in the Brico store in Reggio Emilia. Laura wanted to paint the bars!!! As with all projects that Laura gets involved in life is not simple and the colour of the bars is multo importanti. No ordinary colour will do, no ordinary blue colour will do. No we have to buy blue paint and white paint and red paint and then mix them all together to make blue!!! A lovely blue at that and according to Laura a favourite of Cezanne.

Window Painting Window Painting Window PaintingSpurred on by the bar painting we also descended on our favourite paint emporium in Castlenovo Monti to purchase a whole shop full of yellow paint for our embarsing concrete wall in an attempt to mellow it in to the surrounding countryside. Although our deer have got used to it by now they do seem to look up in disgust as they wonder past.

Chair paints

The Terrace (part 2)
Undercoat Undercoat Undercoat

The Terrace Steps

Fossa Settica! (The Septic Tank)

The Pizza Oven

Our first bathroom

The Kitchen (Cuccina)



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