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painting and walking holidays in the appennine mountains of emilia romagna, northern italy

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Podere Fariolo


Our Italian Home

Laura, Andy, Thadeus, Elliott and Kizzy

We are currently renovating a large farmhouse in the Appennine mountains of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy. Once completish it will provide a first class location for artists and walkers to experience the delights of an area of Italy few tourists visit. You can watch the progress of the renovation through our site as we tackle the construction of the front terrace, re-roof the main building, make and fit new windows, re-wire, plumb including smelly sewage disposal, new floors cos Andy keeps falling through them and if that isn't enough an extension to house the artists studio.

Mxed media of St Marks, Venice

In order to bring you the very best art teachers Laura is enrolling on their current courses and we will announce our first season of painting holidays once she has experienced their art first hand.

We have lots to paint, landscapes, architecture, fauna and flora, a whole museum of agricultural equipment and lots more.

Whilst the renovation of Podere Fariolo continues we are trying out the many walking routes through the Appennine mountains. We hope to bring you walking itineries to suit many levels of ability and agility. Andy and the boys are tackling the longer, higher routes and we all go out on the more moderate low level excursions especially where there's food involved. We will include sections of the Sentiero dei Ducati, the Sentiero Matilde, a climb up the Pietra di Bismantova utilising the Sentiero Spallanzni and weather permitting sections of the Grande Escursione Appenninica (GEA) along the spine of the Appennines along the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.
Garlic blub

We are also busy on your behalf sampling the culinary delights this region produces in order to bring you the very best food the area has to offer.

This is the heartland of Italian cuisine so you can imagine we are having a terrible time!

This is where you will find the best Parma Ham, the best Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Bolognese, Truffles and fungi in the woods around us, wild boar and venison in the fields and on the plate and sheeps cheese from the sheep grazing in our fields.


Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese storage Storing the cheese Sam the cheese maker

Typical dishes of the region include Tortelli and Cappelletti pastas, Erbazzone, a fantastic spinach and rice tart and desserts such as Brasadela, Torta di riso and Spongata


Parmigiario cows Deli in Reggio Emilia Another view of the Deli in Reggio Emilia
Azienda Agricola the sheeps cheese makerRoberto and Elliott weeding the garden Chilli peppers and cheese
Slow food at Podere Fariolo
Monte Vantasso from the terrace Monte Vantasso Monte Vantasso with cloud
Thadeus and Elliott arriving at Rifugio Battisti
"Paint your life with colour because you've only got one." Sir Robin Knox Johnson on BBC Radio 4 16th May 2007

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